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Thursday, 4 February 2016

amla oil and Healing options

Healing options:
 • Amla protects cells against free radical damage and provides antioxidant protection •
 Amla is used to treat skin disorders, respiratory infections, and premature aging •
Amla is useful in hemorrhage, diarrhea, dysentery, and has therapeutic value in treating diabetes •
 Amla has anti-bacterial and astringent properties
that help prevent infection and help in the healing of ulcers •
Amla is sometimes used as a laxative to relieve constipation in piles  Immunity booster: One reason for Amla's reputation as a general energy-promoting, disease-preventing tonic may be its effect on the immune system. Multiple studies have shown significant increases in white blood cell counts and other measures of strengthened immunity in rodents given Amla.
  Respiratory Disorders: Indian gooseberry is beneficial in the treatment of respiratory disorders. It is especially valuable in tuberculosis of the lungs asthma and bronchitis.
 • Diabetes:
This herb, due to its high vitamin C content, is effective in controlling diabetes. A tablespoon of its juice mixed with a cup of bitter gourd juice, taken daily for two months will stimulates the pancreas and enable is to secrete insulin, thus reducing the blood sugar in the diabetes. Diet restrictions should be strictly observed while taking this medicine. It will also prevent eye complication in diabetes.
 • Heart Disorder:

 Indian gooseberry is considered an effective remedy for heart disease. It tones up the functions of all the organs of the body and builds up health by destroying the heterogeneous or harmful and disease causes elements. It also renews energy.
• Eye disorder:
 The juice of Indian Gooseberry with honey is useful in preserving eyesight. It is beneficial in the treatment of conjunctivitis and glaucoma. It reduces intraocular tension in a remarkable manner. Juice mixed with honey can be taken twice daily for this condition.

As an extremely rich source of vitamin C, Indian gooseberry is one of the best remedy for scurvy. Powder of the dry herb, mixed with an equal quantity of sugar,
 • Ageing:
 Indian gooseberry has revitalizing effects, as it contains an element which is very valuable in preventing ageing and in maintaining strength in old age. It improves body resistance and protect the body against infection. It strengthens the heart, hair and different gland in the body.

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