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Monday, 16 June 2014

Customer opinion in amla oil

Brahmi Amla Oil:First of all, I must tell you that this oil is not natural. However, after reading many reviews online I decided to buy it because a) cheap and b) do not lose anything with experiment. For me, it is still a game while I wait for my hair to continue to grow and I find it very funny.Among its properties specifies that strengthens hair and helps the fall. It is assumed that this would also help to maintain hair growth and dark shades if used regularly. The Brahmi herb is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and is antiallergic and stimulating.What I dislike of this oil is the aroma, and smelling of incense and is a bit strong for my taste but I think I'm getting used. It's not that terrible. I use it once a week by applying it first to my scalp and circular movements. Then apply it on the ends, braid my hair and I waited until the next day.
As I've told in previous post, I find it much more practical and beneficial oils apply myself at night.The next day I wash it with the AC-SH-AC method, trying to use any of my shampoos good "sulfatosos" to not feel heavy scalp, you never know.I have not gone dandruff, I have not irritated scalp, has not been flushed, her hair falls under me, is brilliant, with almost no volume and frizz. I do not know if I got used to the scent, but when my hair is dry and no smell of incense.I recommend it for those who want to experience just because. In addition, 200 ml bottle come for the modest sum of $ 3,000, what better? Very nice I think.Amla powderAmla is a fruit which is also known as the "Indian berry". It is rich in vitamin C and delivering benefits to the hair shine, smoothness, strength and promoting growth. It also serves as an excellent face mask.Comes in the box you see in the photo and how to use it is a bit cumbersome, but worth it.You must mix the contents with a little warm water to create a paste. What you get is a grayish cream to be applied throughout the hair and let it dry at least 45 minutes (as shown in the box).

Customer opinion in amla oil
It's almost the same as applying henna, only the Amla moisturizes the hair and will only deliver something dark when dealing followed. I use it once a month and have not noticed big differences in color.Once the time has elapsed, you should rinse your hair very well, until the water runs clear. It is optional to apply shampoo, amla as clean so well that the truth is not necessary. What I do recommend for long hair like mine is to use a little conditioner to balance everything and let the tips in optimal conditional, but that step is also optional.You can prepare all the mix, but if you can spare a little freezing without problems.The result is everything I expected and I get 99% of the time: shine, silkiness and little frizz. I LOVE IT!You can also use mixed with shikakai, brahmi, neem henna and even lowering the intensity of red. I have not used it in the latter way, but I hope that works for them if they try.