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    Saturday, 11 October 2014

    How to Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home

    This method can be used thrice in a week to turn your grey hairs black naturally.
    1. Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home Step 5.jpg
      Pour out 3 tablespoon of amla oil.
    2. Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home Step 6.jpg
      Cut a lemon in half. Squeeze the juice into the oil.
    3. Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home Step 7.jpg
      Make a paste by adding water and mixing together. Leave it to blend for 2-3 hours.
    4. Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home Step 8.jpg
      Apply this paste on your scalp and hair. Let the hair dry for 40 minutes.
    5. Lighten Naturally Black Coloured Hair at Home Step 9.jpg 
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    Monday, 28 July 2014

    amla oil :How To Prepare Amla Oil ?

    How To Prepare Amla Oil:

    Amla oil can facilely be made at home. It can be yare by utilizing fresh fruit or amla powder. Both of these are facilely available at any grocery stores.

     Amla Oil from fruit:

    Cut the amla fruit into minute cubes and let it dry out plenarily. The dried amla fruit is then commixed with fenugreek seeds and castor or coconut oil, to compose a thick and smooth paste. Now heat this mixture in a pan until it turns brown. Whilst doing, ascertain that this mixture does not burn and keep on stirring perpetually. After it has cooled, sieve this mixture and transfer the amla oil in air tight containers. This amla oil can be used safely for a fortnight.

    • Amla Oil from powder:

    amla oil :How To Prepare Amla Oil ?

    The more expeditious way to prepare amla oil is utilizing amla powder. Start with soaking the amla powder in sultry dihydrogen monoxide overnight. Next day, integrate fenugreek seeds and oil to this mixture to compose a paste. You can either use coconut or olive oil according to your congruousness. Your amla oil is now yare to be utilized.

    Application And Use:

    Amla oil is utilized on hair both ways, as treatment afore shampooing and an after-wash conditioner. When utilizing afore shampoo, amla oil is massaged gently on the scalp, the night afore you shampoo. The oil stays on the hair overnight and shampooed next morning. You can additionally apply amla oil on the hair same day and follow this with a sultry towel treatment. Leave it on for about half an hour and rinse off exhaustively. When utilized a conditioner or sealant, diminutively minuscule quantity of amla oil is applied on the washed, dry or damp hair. This avails in softening your hair and withal locking-in the needed moisture.

    The benefits of amla are manifold. It is a superb ingredient to boost hair magnification and maintain overall health of the body. So when you spot amla next time, cerebrate beyond utilizing it as a pickled preparation!
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    How to Use Amla For Hair Growth

    Amla or Gooseberry is a supernatural Indian apples and oranges that offers endless wellbeing profits for the hair, skin and body. It is stacked with cell reinforcements and is a well-to-do wellspring of Vitamin C. Amla has been utilized since antediluvian times as a common part to improve the resplendency of your hair.
    How to Use Amla For Hair Growth

    Consistent use of amla supports hair, fortifies amplification, strengthens hair follicles and forestalls dandruff and part closes. Besides it is moreover helper in forestalling male pattern baldness and untimely graying of the hair.

    Amla can profit hair in different ways. You can consume amla apples and oranges or expend crisp amla juice to get long and glistening locks. Adding amla juice to your quotidian eating methodology not just benefits in fortifying and strengthening hair amplification, it moreover helps up your resistant framework. Amla powder got by pounding the apples and oranges is withal used in distinctive home cure arrangements for pushing hair amplification. Amla hair packs made using amla powder and other common fixings goes about as great conditioners and withal bring sparkle to your tresses. Most importantly amla hair oil is exceptionally strong in revamping amplification of your hair. Amla oil is kenned to hold all the key fat acids that profit in animating hair amplification. Other than it furthermore goes about as a characteristic conditioner and empowers hair follicles.
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    Monday, 16 June 2014

    Customer opinion in amla oil

    Brahmi Amla Oil:First of all, I must tell you that this oil is not natural. However, after reading many reviews online I decided to buy it because a) cheap and b) do not lose anything with experiment. For me, it is still a game while I wait for my hair to continue to grow and I find it very funny.Among its properties specifies that strengthens hair and helps the fall. It is assumed that this would also help to maintain hair growth and dark shades if used regularly. The Brahmi herb is widely used in Ayurvedic medicine and is antiallergic and stimulating.What I dislike of this oil is the aroma, and smelling of incense and is a bit strong for my taste but I think I'm getting used. It's not that terrible. I use it once a week by applying it first to my scalp and circular movements. Then apply it on the ends, braid my hair and I waited until the next day.
    As I've told in previous post, I find it much more practical and beneficial oils apply myself at night.The next day I wash it with the AC-SH-AC method, trying to use any of my shampoos good "sulfatosos" to not feel heavy scalp, you never know.I have not gone dandruff, I have not irritated scalp, has not been flushed, her hair falls under me, is brilliant, with almost no volume and frizz. I do not know if I got used to the scent, but when my hair is dry and no smell of incense.I recommend it for those who want to experience just because. In addition, 200 ml bottle come for the modest sum of $ 3,000, what better? Very nice I think.Amla powderAmla is a fruit which is also known as the "Indian berry". It is rich in vitamin C and delivering benefits to the hair shine, smoothness, strength and promoting growth. It also serves as an excellent face mask.Comes in the box you see in the photo and how to use it is a bit cumbersome, but worth it.You must mix the contents with a little warm water to create a paste. What you get is a grayish cream to be applied throughout the hair and let it dry at least 45 minutes (as shown in the box).

    Customer opinion in amla oil
    It's almost the same as applying henna, only the Amla moisturizes the hair and will only deliver something dark when dealing followed. I use it once a month and have not noticed big differences in color.Once the time has elapsed, you should rinse your hair very well, until the water runs clear. It is optional to apply shampoo, amla as clean so well that the truth is not necessary. What I do recommend for long hair like mine is to use a little conditioner to balance everything and let the tips in optimal conditional, but that step is also optional.You can prepare all the mix, but if you can spare a little freezing without problems.The result is everything I expected and I get 99% of the time: shine, silkiness and little frizz. I LOVE IT!You can also use mixed with shikakai, brahmi, neem henna and even lowering the intensity of red. I have not used it in the latter way, but I hope that works for them if they try.
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    amla dabur

    Amla Oil is used decades ago by the women of India, for shine and strength to hair. Because of its natural benefits, Indian grass Amla is used in Ayurvedic medicine and is also the base of hair oil, FRENA THE FALL, STRENGTHEN HAIR AND increases tone SU TH ADDITION OF RENEWING THE HAIR AND ELIMINATES FRIZZ.
    Continued use strengthens the hair, hair loss slows gives shine, vigor, force, is recommended in case of damaged, brittle and lifeless hair because, given strength from the root.
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    Saturday, 22 March 2014

    How to apply amla oil

    How to apply amla oil

    Amla oil is used as a treatment for dry, thin and gray hair. The oil comes from the fruit of the amla tree that grows in India, where it is considered a sacred incarnation of Mother Nature. Trees were praised for their rejuvenating fruit, which is said to have 20 times the amount of vitamin C found in an orange. Apply oil to your hair Amla provides a protective layer and a healthy glow. These steps tell you how to apply.

    Apply Amla Oil Step 1.jpg 

    1- Divide your hair.
    Apply Amla Oil Step 2.jpg 
    2- Apply some amla oil to your head. 
    Apply Amla Oil Step 3.jpg 
    Massage the oil into your scalp evenly. You should have a cooling sensation

    Apply Amla Oil Step 4.jpg 
    Let the oil sit on your head. Some methods tell you to wrap your head in a warm towel for an hour or two. The amount of time needed depends on the brand of oil you use. 

    Apply Amla Oil Step 5.jpg5
    Rinse your hair thoroughly. Should notice the shine in your hair immediately

    Amla oil is commonly used in Hindu medicine. The Ayurvedic healing includes techniques like yoga and panchakarma cleansing.
    Amla oil is known as Indian berry. Many amla oils contain sesame oil. The ingredients vary depending on the brand
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    Sunday, 16 February 2014

    Organic Amla

    Amla, the Ayurvedic antioxidant “superfruit,” is one of nature’s richest sources
    of Vitamin C with benefits for healthy aging, digestion and immune function
    Organic Amla
    Add 1 packet to any quantity of beverage or sprinkle
    on moist foods such as applesauce. May be used up
    to 3 times per day or as directed by your health care
    Not for use during pregnancy. If you are nursing or
    taking any prescription drugs, seek the advice of a
    health professional before using this product. Not to
    be taken by children under 12. Keep out of reach of children.
    Care for the Environment
    As amanufacturer, our actions can have a large
    impact on the environment. We always look for the
    most earth-friendly, sustainable choice. Avesta
    Organic Amla features:
    • All vegetarian, with no animal-derived ingredients
    • Certified organic Amla fruits grown without
    chemical pesticides or fertilizers
    • Soy, wheat and gluten free
    • Box contains 100%post-consumer recycled
    Rejuvenation is now available in North America with thenew,
    3,500 year old superfruit fromIndia.
    • Superior antioxidant*
    • Traditional ayurvedic herb for digestion, healthy aging and immune function*
    • Supports healthy cholesterol levels that are already within the normal range*
    Traditionally regarded as the best of all herbs tomaintain youthfulness of body and
    mind, Amla is used in Ayurveda as a potentrasayana,2 a dietary supplement or practice
    promoting rejuvenation,mental and physical health, as well as providing a defense
    against aging and challenging environmental factors.3
    The difference is FRESH.
     Avesta Organic Amla ismade fromFRESH Amla, not the usual
    dried Amla fruits. The difference in using fresh fruit is a higher Vitamin C and gallotannin
    content then other Amla products. With a superior ORAC value of over 1,700 per serving,
    Avesta Organic Amla is naturally rich in Vitamin C, gallotannins, gallates, polyphenols and
    other powerful, plant bioactives.
    The Science of Amla
    The potent in vitro antioxidant activity of Amla4-8 is higher than that of many other fruits
    and vegetables, including pomegranate juice,9,10 oranges, black grape juice,9 broccoli,
    and tomatoes.11 The antioxidant activity of Amla is superior to vitamin C7 and is largely
    due to its rich content of tannins which have potent antioxidant activity.12-17 Animal
    studies demonstrated that Amla and its tannins produce significant antioxidant
    activity 13,14,18-21 and a clinical study suggests that Amla increases the bioavailability of
    vitamin C.22
    A number of scientific experiments have shown that Amla lives up to its high reputation
    as a rasayana by ameliorating the effects of various stressors on the gastrointestinal
    tract3 and central nervous system14 and increasing their levels of detoxifying/antioxidant
    enzymes.14,19 Evidence from traditional use,23-25 studies in animals,26-31 and clinical studies
    all suggest that Amla may help to support healthy gastrointestinal function.32,33
    Clinical studies in normal subjects34 and in animals36-38 also suggest that a diet
    supplemented with Amla may help to support healthy cholesterol levels that are already
    within the normal range, and both in vitro39,40 and animal studies41 have shown that Amla
    may help to support healthy immune system function.
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    Sunday, 28 April 2013

    Uses for Amla

     what are the uses of amla
    Emblica Phyllanthus Emblica officinalis, also called in India and in the Middle East, the original tree. Its common name is Indian gooseberry. This plant is known traditional Indian Ayurvedic medicine plays an important role in the "Anti-Money Laundering Law" ascorbic acid, high concentrations of fruit and fruit and leaves a powerful antioxidant properties phenol from a shortage of staff, explains Glycoside components Tainan that the roots of the anti-money laundering law, and is also used in herbal medicines. Amla was most research with animals, however, a very small number of studies by the opinion of a doctor coast and medical benefits for humans and in accordance with the information provided.Pancreatitis Complementary MedicineAccording to the University of Maryland Medical Center, suffering from a shortage of staff, pancreatitis complementary medicine, pancreatitis can be useful. For the treatment of this serious situation should not use herbs alone though may have beneficial effects in pancreatitis antioxidant, because in addition to conventional medical treatment daily UMMC, Indian gooseberry powder 6 g 3 recommended taking. Herbal remedies before you start using Amla square described talk with your doctor about.DeclarationDeclarationOccupation must be opened Canada 5 positions. Apply Now! Occupation / job Canada Canada +To reduce cholesterol in the bloodA study published in the November / November 1988 issue as supplements Amla can reduce blood cholesterol levels, high blood cholesterol, "European Journal of Clinical Nutrition." Or normal cholesterol levels, 28 days cholesterol levels decreased during the anti-money laundering law with 35 to 55 years of age in males. Initially been diagnosed with high cholesterol in the blood, which complements the men after the closure of almost two weeks to start to experience your cholesterol levels.Anti-ulcer benefitsAnimal research, described the opponent is likely to anti-money laundering law in September / September 2002 of points cysts activity in a study published in "Viomidesana." Amla during this research mice induced gastric secretion of gastric lesions experimental, less impedes development, and control of gastric acid which reduced the infection of the mucous membranes lining the stomach.The protective effect of the liver"Research Phytotherapy, published in the March / March 2005 a number of research animal extract Amla used to treat tuberculosis medicines protect the liver against harmful effects Lehigh qualities that are found. These drugs isoniazid and rifampicin, either singly or in combination Baiarzinamed. Additionally Therefore, a study published in the October / October, "Journal Atnovrmickologi" ethanol-induced liver injury in mice 2006 points Amla liver protective effect. these mice also strengthened restore liver cells.Reduce blood sugarAccording to research with humans coast that examined the potential benefits, despite the fact that people usually use Amla square and described for the treatment of diabetes. According to, state suffers a shortage of mice with induced blood sugar levels. In addition, March 12 / March, including the secondary complications of diabetes Cataracts Tanoides of Amla in the administration may be useful because "Molecular Vision" published a study in 2004 for the Notes.
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