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Saturday, 22 March 2014

How to apply amla oil

How to apply amla oil

Amla oil is used as a treatment for dry, thin and gray hair. The oil comes from the fruit of the amla tree that grows in India, where it is considered a sacred incarnation of Mother Nature. Trees were praised for their rejuvenating fruit, which is said to have 20 times the amount of vitamin C found in an orange. Apply oil to your hair Amla provides a protective layer and a healthy glow. These steps tell you how to apply.

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1- Divide your hair.
Apply Amla Oil Step 2.jpg 
2- Apply some amla oil to your head. 
Apply Amla Oil Step 3.jpg 
Massage the oil into your scalp evenly. You should have a cooling sensation

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Let the oil sit on your head. Some methods tell you to wrap your head in a warm towel for an hour or two. The amount of time needed depends on the brand of oil you use. 

Apply Amla Oil Step 5.jpg5
Rinse your hair thoroughly. Should notice the shine in your hair immediately

Amla oil is commonly used in Hindu medicine. The Ayurvedic healing includes techniques like yoga and panchakarma cleansing.
Amla oil is known as Indian berry. Many amla oils contain sesame oil. The ingredients vary depending on the brand